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When a band has three songwriters, as Liberty Hall Collective does, it is nearly impossible to align a concept or a story amongst the songs. While the writing sessions for Lights progressed, however, one particular image seemed to recur: light. The songs on this album explore the way things are shaped, twisted, displayed, hidden, symbolized, and ultimately displayed by the light. Light doesn’t stay in the same form for long, and this is infinitely true of Lights. Songs shift, dissolve, and explode, touching on many genres and moods, all tied together by the three unique voices that make up the group. Lights finds LHC in its’ finest form yet, a power trio that, both on-stage and in the studio, are unafraid to explore the vast reaches of the musical landscape, both in the light and the dark.

Liberty Hall Collective is proud to present Lights.


released June 3, 2015

Liberty Hall Collective is:
Chase Harrison
Brett Pongratz
Kamron Warden
(musicians marked by track)

Recorded at BVU Studios, Storm Lake, IA, 2015

Produced by Brett Pongratz, Chase Harrison and Kamron Warden

Mixed by Brett Pongratz

Mastered by Myckeal Rake

Engineered by Kamron Warden, Brett Pongratz, and Chase Harrison

Graphic Design by Cassie Forsyth

Special thanks to everyone who made this album possible:
Faith Prichard, Spencer Bottorff, Alyssa Kragelund, Megan Coats, Morgan Langan, Alejandra Mendoza, Mike Watts, Adam Ullerich, The Decorah Indie Music Collective, All of our friends and fans

And Especially:

You are a true friend and a beautiful soul. Without you, Liberty Hall Collective would not be what it is today. Our journey over the past year and a half has been the most wonderful experience anyone could have. Because of this, we thank you, FOR EVERYTHING. You are the best person ever. We love you to the moon and back. Go be awesome.

Liberty Hall Collective



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Liberty Hall Collective Des Moines, Iowa

Liberty Hall Collective is an indie pop-rock band from Storm Lake, IA. LHC is composed of members Chase Harrison, Brett Pongratz, and Kamron Warden.

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Track Name: City Lights
Dreams of you fill my head
You didn’t have to go so soon
tear stains on your coffin
maybe I deserve this too

I hear you whisper softly
Thats always been a trait of yours
speaking riddles I could never know the answer to
maybe the answer was you

The city lights have never looked so blue
as when your hope has gone astray
when all that I can think about is you
well I can’t be happy anyway, No

I can still remember waiting
for you to open up your eyes
promises I had a tendency to keep are
Nothing now, Nothing now

You are nothing now, nothing now
You are nothing now

I can feel you fading, fading
(You are nothing now, nothing now)
Track Name: Rust
Voice screams from the back of the bar
“Hey, I like the way you play
Let the lights cloud your eyes and you could
be a hit someday”

Well, I don’t know what I’ve been told
But in rock n’ roll you never grow old
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
But I don’t want to end up as rust

Man comes over after the show
“Hey, I like your song a lot
If you sell your soul to me
Well, you might just have a shot”

Voice screams from the back of my mind
“You’ll never make it, son
No matter what you do
It’ll all come undone”
Track Name: Regardless of Tragedy
Had time to think about what’s gone wrong
My life fades away with every breath I take
We’ll touch ground again
We’ll touch down again

We took off on a flight to nowhere
No landing gear or air to breathe
You promised me eternity
We’ll never touch ground again

I will carry you home
I’ll be with you ‘til the very end
I will be by your side
So close your eyes

Here is my heart to remember
You need it more than I do
So take this parachute
We can’t both make it out

I’ll sing you to sleep
So close your eyes
I’ll sing you to sleep
In paradise

I’m not strong enough
I’m not strong enough
Take my heart and go
I’m not strong enough
I’m not strong enough
Take me home
(I will remember you.)
Track Name: When the Rain Comes Down
There’s a calm before the storm
There’s no way to stop it
So for now there is no hope

When the rain comes down

Eurus brings the wind unto us
Rivers flood and they overrun
The water leaves the fields in ruin

There’s a calm before the storm
There’s no way to stop it
So for now there is no hope
Track Name: Untitled
She says “there’s nothing happening”
She just remembers when you told her that
You said to just let this slide

But she keeps it so perfectly
Nobody really knows
And while we wait so silently
The world crumbles around us

You tell her there’s another check in the mail
There’s nothing to worry about
She grins and then she frowns

“Is it wrong to be doing this?”
Hell if you know
As long as we’re wearing the crowns

And she says:
“When everything is crumbling
I’ll do the crying for you
When’s the last time you felt?
You’re hopeless mess
Waiting on a savior
He’s never coming for you”

She steps out
You light a cigarette
and watch the rain
Fall down
She’s not coming back
You don’t really care.
There’ll be another one in the morning.
Track Name: Illusions

The sights around me were astounding
Settle in as the show begins
One might say it’s overwhelming
There’s a lot to take in

She comes out in her satin
With lights and sound in her parade
Showing off her wicked splendor
She’s putting up a masquerade

You had me fooled from the beginning
It’s just your illusions

She skipped out in a hurry
There was no time for goodbyes
She pulled me in like a siren
Just leading me to my demise

You had me pegged as a loser
You tricked me with your sleight of hand
You played me like your deck of magic
Don’t know much more I can withstand

Once again she’s in her satin
Stealing hearts and taking names
Plenty there to fall her victim
As she plays her spiteful games
Track Name: Look Alive
This panic’s got me spinning circles
now I’m running back to you
and I’ll walk these streets alone,
visit places no one knows
cause you’ll never know when to change your point of view

How can you just sit there Look alive, Look alive
How can you just sit there Look alive

There hasn’t been a day where it hasn’t rained
and this parade’s been miserable for years
the band keeps marching on
the choir sings its same old song
It’s quite the tragedy my dear

Your memory haunts me,
I can hear your voice
and I can’t take this I’m falling apart

Time is running out and I can feel it drag us down
and it always takes what it wants
Time is running out and I can feel it drag us down and
It always takes what it wants
and it wants us

So wake me up when time has come for us

My head’s in the clouds
I’m never coming down,
My head’s in the clouds
and thats all right yeah thats alright yeah thats alright
I really don’t mind I really don’t mind
yeah that’s alright yeah that’s just fine
I really don’t mind

So wake me up when time has come for us

To calm down is to compromise and compromising
I’d rather sell my soul
I’d let it take its toll
I’d feel so alive
but feeling alive
doesn’t mean you’re in control sometimes life lets us go.
Track Name: Standing/Landing
We swore to ourselves it’d never be this way
Never become just another name
But the lights became too bright to ignore
Now we’re just a cruel pawn in someone else’s game

But stories never felt so sweet
Lost among the phony elite
Things were never quite as complete
As they were when we were drowning

Trying not to think about when the lights go out
But here we are, standing
Our wings will never melt, the darkness can’t destroy them
And if they do, we’ll have a landing

Of course it eats us alive
Of course we’re dying inside
But it feels so heavenly
When all we have to do is hide, hide, hide, hide

But the mornings after seem endless
And so is the fear of the inevitable end
So we take comfort in the coldness
Grab onto the fleeting covers of worthless friends

When the lights fade away
What is left but darkness?
When the lights have faded from our eyes
What is left but the tangled mess
Of loneliness?
And heartlessness?

These are the nights we write songs about
These are the days that float in and out of our minds
When the stories have faded out
What will you remember us by?
Track Name: Notice
Walking down a crowded street, seeing faces that I’ve never seen.
They look on at what’s ahead.

Keep to myself as I’m travelling and I’m walking past the big bright light.
I do not know where I am.

They won’t notice me.

She walks down the same old street, waves hello to everyone she sees.
They don’t care what she has to say.

They won’t notice her.

Sitting there he’s a troubadour, playing music for those who walk by.
They look away and ignore the man.

They won’t notice him.

The way you play your game ain’t fair, you take from others and you just don’t care.
You lie and cheat to get your way.

They’ll lock you up for a hundred years, for all the people that you took away.
You’ll rot away in your prison cell.

But they’ll notice you.
Track Name: Ships & Cars
It was nothing then it’s something
Then it’s nothing then it’s gone
But I swear that in the nighttime
I can still hear it’s call
But the stories spoken softly
They don’t speak a single word
‘Cause your promises ring empty
and that’s just what I deserve

Take your ship and sail it home
But don’t forget you knew me
Heaven knows I won’t forget
The way you look right through me

The towers fall
The sidewalks crawl
They tell me I couldn’t ask for better but
I look at the glass
Dream of the past
and pray for better weather
So here I sit the things I miss
Are nothing but a fantasy and
And the rushing cars still bore me
And the dream of her kiss still haunts me

Maybe your ship and my ship are one and the same
Left me here with everything except for you
I really don’t care if you think that’s true
But it’s the only thing that keeps me from drowning in blame.

(What now?)
Track Name: Gravitate
I could make this real
It doesn’t matter I could change the weather to suit my own appeal
you could make me feel
but i’ve never been one for common sense
cause I always regret present state of mind
I’m always plotting and designing my own demise
You’re not alone

I’ve got a lot on my mind
do shooting stars have time
to take a break from their lonely lives?
If they falter will they still shine?

Go on and Gravitate to me
I’m a sea of negativity
Extinguish my thoughts make me believe
cause I don’t want to breathe if I’m not being me

They won’t let you be
Just a shadow of the person that you wished that you could be
trade your fear for peace
just make sure that the pieces fit
quit quitting now you’ve fallen in too deep
They keep saying that you’re not supposed to dream
You’re not alone