A Valentine's EP​.​.​. I Guess

by Liberty Hall Collective

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Valentine's Day is the time of year when we express our love for one another. Here at Liberty Hall Collective, we like to think we "love" our fans. So here is our gift to you: 3 songs from our upcoming full-length album. Two songs about pure, true love... and one about how a young girl's dreams and ambitions are destroyed by this cruel world. Yay, happy. Here's hoping this is the soundtrack to your Valentine's Day hand-holding and/or sobbing into your popcorn.

The full album will be coming in early March. Until then, enjoy our salute to the world's most enjoyed and reviled holiday.


released February 12, 2014

Liberty Hall Collective is:
Brett Pongratz
Chase Harrison
Kamron Warden

Musicians noted by track

Produced by Brett Pongratz, Chase Harrison, and Kamron Warden

Special Thanks to: Cassie Forsyth, for cover design and everything else (and we mean EVERYTHING)



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Liberty Hall Collective Des Moines, Iowa

Liberty Hall Collective is an indie pop-rock band from Storm Lake, IA. LHC is composed of members Chase Harrison, Brett Pongratz, and Kamron Warden.

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Track Name: Rebekah (You've Got The Whole World)
she’s what all the boys are looking for
she really wishes they’d stop calling her
cause her father is listening
on the other line

feels like the world is raining down on her
why wouldn’t she the magazines
tell her she’ll never be good enough

She’s gonna be one messed up kid
at the end of this life sentence
she’s got her hopes and dreams
I hope they don’t get crushed in the end
Rebekah you’ve got the whole world in the palm of your hand

She’s fucked up
she’s got the neighbor kids selling her drugs
the TV's saying that it’s ok
but not ok, at the same time

she’s depressed she doesn’t even know how that feels
I figure she’s just following the trend
and sooner or later she’ll find out it’s not pretend


(guitar solo)


Rebekah you’ve got the whole world
Rebekah you’ve got the whole world
Rebekah you’ve got the whole world in the palm of your hand
Track Name: A Ti
Estoy cantando a ti
Estoy cantando toda la noche
Estoy cantando, me aferrando a ti
Ti, ti, ti, ah sí bebé, a ti

Quiero tu carino
Levantas mi ánima
Te adoro
Sonrío cuando te veo

I'm singing to you
I'm clinging to you
I'm singing, I'm clinging to you
you, you, you, sí bebé, to you

Odio cuando no estoy contigo
Estoy orgulloso decir que te amo

(spanish chorus)

A ti x9
Track Name: I See You
I wish I could have kissed you before the runners in the night
Called me home
Y'know the way it feels when I'm lonely makes me glad I'm never really alone

The bus window sure looks empty with no one sitting beside me
Sometimes I take a break from watching my back to drift away from these worries

I see you
With your electric blue eyes and your sincere smile
I see you
And when I see you I want to see you for a while
But then you're gone
And I curse myself and wait until the next time
I see you

Those long walks in the rain don't do anybody any good
I should have stayed inside gotten a steady job like everybody says I should

But that fear of being just a normal being never really goes away
I don't want to stand at heaven's gates some day wishing I had more to say

So I'll walk with this guitar until someday I don't have to walk anymore
Find myself a band that can help me learn the score

But until then I'll Play in these tiny bars and the little holes in Society's
Spend my days dreaming of the days when it's stadiums and concert halls

And sometimes when it all seems too far away
All I need to get through the doubt is dream of your face