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Catamount, Liberty Hall Collective's fifth release in its two-and-a-half-year existence, is an encompassing examination of distances. This can be seen in almost every aspect of its creation: it's' three songs themselves explore distance from the self, distance from the expectation, and distance from the desire, all nagging at the eternal longing of a consistent, beautiful design that eludes even the most persistent planner, and, alas, the protagonist of each composition.

Its creation utilized distance in almost every sense of the word: it was recorded on a frigid, windswept day in early 2016 at Catamount Recording, Inc. in Cedar Falls, IA (the studio that gave this EP it's name), a far cry from the cozy quarters where the band's previous releases were tracked. The album was brought to completion in the presence of great physical distance as well: while Kamron Warden and Brett Pongratz mixed and put the finishing touches on the recordings, Chase Harrison was over a thousand miles away, creating a unique system of communication that brought the EP to completion.

Finally, the songs themselves emphasize distance through time: each song finds the band in a different era and a different headspace, though all three manage to converge on the present in different ways: the first song off the band's first album, "Rebekah (You've Got The Whole World)", returns with the confidence and freewheeledness that can only come from countless live performances. A delicate acoustic piece in its original incarnation, "Illusions" has now blossomed into a bombastic, clanging declaration of enamourment and shatteredness that both lives up to and ventures beyond its title. And finally, a track that brings the band to the present, through the lenses of the past: "Curved Straight Lines (February)" is as personal a track as they come, a candid examination of a failed relationship. Unafraid to admit the mistakes and wrongdoings of a tumultuous time, and backed by one of the most intense performances in the LHC catalog, this song lifts the lowest point to emotional heights unheard, breaking the sky and bringing the stars into view. From this distance, all is clear. From this distance, all is true. From this distance, there is Catamount.


released August 28, 2016

Liberty Hall Collective is Kamron Warden, Brett Pongratz, and Chase Harrison (musicians marked by track)

Produced by Brett Pongratz, Kamron Warden, and Chase Harrison
Mixed by Brett Pongratz and Travis Huisman

Mastered by Myckeal Rake

Artwork by Spencer Hodge, graphic design by Chase Harrison and Kamron Warden

Recorded at Catamount Recording, Inc., January 17th, 2016 by Travis Huisman

Additional recording at BVU Studios, Storm Lake, IA, Spring 2016 by Kamron Warden and Brett Pongratz

Special Thanks to the Iowa Rock 'n' Roll Music Association for giving us the opportunity to record at the beautiful Catamount Studios and to all of our friends, families, and fans for making everything this band has done possible.



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Liberty Hall Collective Des Moines, Iowa

Liberty Hall Collective is an indie pop-rock band from Storm Lake, IA. LHC is composed of members Chase Harrison, Brett Pongratz, and Kamron Warden.

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Track Name: Rebekah (You've Got the Whole World)
She's what all the boys are lookin' for
she really wishes they'd stop calling her
'cause her father is listening on the other line

feels like the world is raining down on her
why wouldn't she the magazines
Tell her she'll never be good enough

She's gonna be one messed up kid
at the end of this life sentence
she's got her hopes and dreams
I hope they don't get crushed in the end
Rebekah you've got the whole world in the palm of your hand

She's fucked up
she's got the neighbor kids selling her drugs
the tv's sayin' that its ok
but not ok at the same time

She's depressed
she doesn't even know how that feels
I figure she's just followin' the trend
and sooner or later she'll find out it's not pretend
Track Name: Illusions (Electric)
The sights around me were astounding
Settle in as the show begins
One might say it’s overwhelming
There’s a lot to take in

She comes out in her satin
With lights and sound in her parade
Showing off her wicked splendor
She’s putting up a masquerade

You had me fooled from the beginning
It’s just your illusions

She skipped out in a hurry
There was no time for goodbyes
She pulled me in like a siren
Just leading me to my demise

You had me pegged as a loser
You tricked me with your sleight of hand
You played me like your deck of magic
Don’t know much more I can withstand

Once again she’s in her satin
Stealing hearts and taking names
Plenty there to fall her victim
As she plays her spiteful games
Track Name: Curved Straight Lines (February)
I never said "never"
Well maybe I should a little easier next time
Cuz when it all came crashing down I wish I'd seen it coming
Cuz now the signs all seem so clear
I feel stupid not for seeing them

But I guess that's where we are
Where do you want to be?
I know the last place that I want to be is here
But for now I'll stay
If it helps you along
Wouldn't regret a single minute If you felt the same way
So do you feel the same way?

I never said "stop"
Cuz I never knew we were moving in the first place
That you had talked me down so far I couldn't see you
No matter how much I wanted to
The divided lights that guide my way home
Tell me I should just give up

Disparate images dance in my brain
They align a story I hate to bear
But I will
If I have to
I sat around for years hoping you would change
Now I'm not sure if anybody ever really changes
But I will
If I have to
(I wish I'd never seen it coming, I wish I'd never seen it)

And as the planets fade I
Can't help but wonder which one you're on
Right now
And where I go from here
But that's the least of my concerns

You never said "never"
But now you do and you say it all the time
I guess I'll just have to get used to it