Harmonica Sounds

by Liberty Hall Collective

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The stark, sad-eyed woman who is presented on the cover of Harmonica Sounds acts as a perfect backdrop to the music presented on this, Liberty Hall Collective’s first full-length album. The 12 songs collected here, with approximately one exception (Kamron Warden’s sincere love letter, “A Ti”), hide under their veneer of pop prowess tales of loneliness, isolation, fear, worry, confusion, and lost love.
From the soaring melody and crushing end-of-relationship poetry of Brett Pongratz’ “I Gave My Love A Bird” to the murky blues-rock story of a rock-n-roll rise gone wrong that is found in Chase Harrison’s “City Song” to the pining strings and “forest of confusion and pain” found in Warden’s “Stars and Galaxies”, the prevailing darkness lends to a wistful feel.
Another feel of the album is one of eclecticness. The variety of different genres presented here is vast, including the watery, Joni-Mitchell-esque “Out There”, the chugging-train country of “Ballad of the Outlaw Jameson Boone”, and the upbeat pop-punk seen in the album’s finale, Pongratz' “I Don’t Mind”.
So here it is: the cumulative effort of three proficient musicians and songwriters, firing on all cylinders. Brett Pongratz, Chase Harrison, and Kamron Warden proudly present Harmonica Sounds.


released March 9, 2014

Liberty Hall Collective is
Chase Harrison
Brett Pongratz
Kamron Warden
(musicians marked by track)

Recorded at BVU Studios, Storm Lake, Iowa

Produced by Brett Pongratz, Chase Harrison, and Kamron Warden
Mastered by Brett Pongratz

Cover drawing by Kamron Warden
Cover design by Cassie Forsyth

Special Thanks to
Cassie Forsyth
Zach Schmidt
Skyler Gorsett
Josh Weitzel
Dr. David Klee
Dr. Laura Bernhardt
Adam Ullerich
LHC Fans



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Liberty Hall Collective Des Moines, Iowa

Liberty Hall Collective is an indie pop-rock band from Storm Lake, IA. LHC is composed of members Chase Harrison, Brett Pongratz, and Kamron Warden.

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Track Name: Rebekah (You've Got the Whole World)
She's what all the boys are lookin' for
she really wishes they'd stop calling her
'cause her father is listening on the other line

feels like the world is raining down on her
why wouldn't she the magazines
Tell her she'll never be good enough

She's gonna be one messed up kid
at the end of this life sentence
she's got her hopes and dreams
I hope they don't get crushed in the end
Rebekah you've got the whole world in the palm of your hand

She's fucked up
she's got the neighbor kids selling her drugs
the tv's sayin that its ok
but not ok at the same time

She's depressed
she doesn't even know how that feels
I figure she's just followin the trend
and sooner or later she'll find out it's not pretend
Track Name: Dreaming
Tell me why it's far away
and I'll bring the sun to you
Calm down and tell me
what the world's done to you

And it's in our heads
None of this could ever be
Anything more than

Sailing away
I wish that I could be somewhere
Besides this place

Sailing away
I wish that I could put a smile
on your face

One more word of warning
and I'll sing this song for you
If the words seem wrong
Remember that they're all for you

But it's nothing now
The things we said the things we bought
they never added up
I let down my guard you took your shot
Who would have thought?

Tell me why you're far away
and I'll bring the moon to you
When we run out of words to say
the stars above pray for you
Track Name: I Don't Care
Sitting up at night
Thinking 'bout the past
Worried by the things
That should never last

Try to pick myself up
But fall back on the ground
I find myself confused
but then it turns around

I've got to throw myself
in the world
I don't know how I'll do
And I don't care

Lost and off my tracks
Seem to be astray
And I feel so blind
Can hardly find my way

Lifted by the darkness
and I can see the light
Now my troubles are gone
and I can sleep at night
Track Name: Leave Me Alone
I never said I’d drive you home
I deleted, I deleted all your texts from my phone
don’t assume things leave me alone

you tried to tell me that she was a slut (Stacey is such a slut)
you didn’t know that we’ve been dating for over a month
don't assume things leave me alone

Make a wish on a four leaf clover
try to tell you that its all over
tell me can you leave me alone

you tried to get me to piss off my friends
when that didn’t work you just, tried it again
you don't know me, get the fuck back home

you tried to make me fall in love
that’s not the way it works I'm not somebody that you can control
you can’t have me, leave me alone
Track Name: Out There
No one cares
No one stares
For fear that they might see
Something more
Something beyond the history
Of this town
Of this endless memory
From beyond
From outside
The signal ring

Everyone has
Something to
Keep them here
Some obligation
Some chain
That keeps them in fear
A little voice
Whispers to them
And they hear
“This is all you are
This is all you can be
Have another beer”

A concrete street
Cracked, destroyed
By weights of time
A shuttered store
Gone after he
Couldn’t make a dime
A broken dream
A shattered hope
But still he says he’s fine
A hidden doubt
A shame, but
Here, it’s sublime

Out there
Out where there’s no hope
No color
Nothing from outside the narrow scope

Maybe there’s
Some way out
Of this place
pack your bags
Be out of here
Without a trace
Something more
A dream beyond
This world of dust
Out there
There’s a
Place for us
Track Name: A Ti
Estoy cantando a ti
Estoy cantando toda la noche
Estoy cantando, me aferrando a ti
Ti, ti, ti, ah sí bebé, a ti

Quiero tu carino
Levantas mi ánima
Te adoro
Sonrío cuando te veo

I'm singing to you
I'm clinging to you
I'm singing, I'm clinging to you
you, you, you, sí bebé, to you

Odio cuando no estoy contigo
Estoy orgulloso decir que te amo
Track Name: I Gave My Love a Bird
I could stop this awful war before anyone could put it to the page
I could break your beating heart in two just like this living hell you've made

I can't love you your showing me your inner vision
of what you think the future should hold
I can't love you your showing me your inner demons
spreading rumors across the whole world

What now I ask you dearest tell me please
what now am I supposed to dissapear or tell you how
I'm so fucked up and need your grace
and falling out of reality but I'm not
your out of luck hun we're through and done

I could waste away the hours picking flowers to put on your grave
but why waste my time with you I've heard all the nasty things you say
Track Name: The Ballad Of Outlaw Jameson Boone

A group of outlaws
came to town
to start some trouble.
The Marshall caught on
to their plan
and tried to stop 'em.
The marshall won
The battle
but there was more to come.
Even though they died,
The outlaws came back.
To take their revenge

When the sun goes down,
the ghost outlaws come to town.
Wiping fear into the streets.
Children hiding under sheets as the gunshots ring out.

There is something in the air.
Blood and guts everywhere.
They will never die. They will never die.

As the days go by,
the people cry at the force of their hand.
No one could smite them down,
or steal their crown to bring back the peace.

After all is through
there is nothing they can do.
They will never die. They will never die.

And to this day, the townspeople still cower at night when the ghost outlaws ride on through.
The outlaws mercilessly attack the people run in fear.
They strike at dusk and there's nothing they can do.
And the legend lives on...
Track Name: City Song
Thought maybe I would find myself
Under the lights of the city
Oh, but underneath the neon sky
I found a world that wasn’t so pretty

Sold my soul and before you know
I was lost in the rainy night
No escape from the ties that bind
Had to keep moving up so I wouldn’t fall behind

Sometimes I wish I could go home again
Sometimes I wish the road wasn’t so long
And though I know my fame is out there
Sometimes, I guess, I don’t know

Thought maybe I’d make my way down south
See if that is where I’d find my fame
But when everything I music there
It seems like no one knows your name

I played all of those late-night clubs
Where they couldn’t care less for you
Now I start to think
That maybe it isn't true

I did my work
Put in my time
You’d think I’ve earned it
You’d think by now
If this life wasn’t for me
I would’ve learned it
One more show
One more night
And I’ll find it
Just one hit
One TV show
And I could fade away, I wouldn’t mind it

Thought maybe I’d make my over west
See if the bright lights had any use for me
But the one they showed in the TV lights
Ain’t all it seemed to be

Now here I am on the boulevard
I had to fight for my next meal
Oh, now I know
That it just isn't real

And Oh, how I wish I could go home again
Turns out the road was just to long
Oh, I know, it isn't out there
Yes, this I know
Track Name: Stars & Galaxies
I look around and I start thinking
Where’d I put my muse
Cause all these dreams just keep on spinning
Oh, and what’s the use
Stars and Galaxies are all that I can see
My head’s up in the clouds and I can’t seem to find my way
I’m lost inside this forest of confusion and pain

But oh, it’s gonna be alright
Cause even in the night
there’s a light to lead you on
Oh, the universe is wide and it’s inside my mind
Right where it belongs

The comets twirl around my ears and spin a symphony
The nebulae collide in time Their fires yearn to reach
Pinpricks of light splash on ebony
Stars and Galaxies are all that I can see

Consciousness seems to flee me
in the light of day.
The realm of midnight, crystal clear.
Calling out my name.

Oh, I’m tripping on the stars,
entangling my heart.
But I will press on.
Oh, the universe is wide and it’s inside my mind.
Right where it belongs.

Tranquility shines like turquoise deep within my soul
Echoes tumble quietly, revealing what they know
Pinpricks of light splash on ebony
Stars and Galaxies are all that I can see

Darkness like the great abyss, threatens to consume.
Closer it draws steadily. I can hardly move.

But oh, it’s gonna be alright.
Cause even in the night,
there’s a light to lead us on.
Oh, the universe is wide and it’s inside my mind.
Right where it belongs.

Oh, I know I’m not alone
want the world to know
that the lights are shining on
Oh, the universe is wide and it’s inside my mind
Right where it belongs
Track Name: I See You
I wish I could have kissed you before the runners in the night
Called me home
Y'know the way it feels when I'm lonely makes me glad I'm never really alone

The bus window sure looks empty with no one sitting beside me
Sometimes I take a break from watching my back to drift away from these worries

I see you
With your electric blue eyes and your sincere smile
I see you
And when I see you I want to see you for a while
But then you're gone
And I curse myself and wait until the next time
I see you

Those long walks in the rain don't do anybody any good
I should have stayed inside gotten a steady job like everybody says I should

But that fear of being just a normal being never really goes away
I don't want to stand at heaven's gates some day wishing I had more to say

So I'll walk with this guitar until someday I don't have to walk anymore
Find myself a band that can help me learn the score

But until then I'll Play in these tiny bars and the little holes in Society's
Spend my days dreaming of the days when it's stadiums and concert halls

And sometimes when it all seems too far away
All I need to get through the doubt is dream of your face
Track Name: I Don't Mind
My friends tell me I'm just fine
I'm just taking my sweet time
to get to know the world

I've seen the sunset a million times
each time it gets just a little bit duller
and I don't know why

We're taking over
We're taking our precious time

I'm too pathetic for my own damn good
think before you speak next time
My head is stuck in the clouds
but that's all right
I don't mind, I don't mind

I still see shadows from the past
I know memories don't last
but I'll make them last If I have too

All ghosts are dancing silhouettes
they're just things we wish we could forget
and they haunt us for life, they come out at night

We're out of time, I don't mind, I don't mind
I'm falling ever faster, I don't mind, I don't mind